A/W 2021 Hygge for the modern deities 

The new collection of silk lingerie and loungewear I'm presenting to you today is designed for the divine level of hygge.
Hygge is a Danish and Norwegian concept that means cosy time that is enjoyed at a lovely atmosphere with good people, very often at home.  Preparing for another cold winter, which will include a lot of time spent at home here in Estonia, all I could think about was how to make those long nights even more cosy and lovely and beautiful. So hygge it is, but in way that I hope is really luxurious, dreamy and worthy of deities. 

You'll notice it is a silk lingerie collection with no new bra designs and I guess this really defines this era, hahaa! But there is a crop top and a whole new line named Gaia. It is very much inspired by the beautiful women on social media, who always style their lingerie in cool and fun ways. They are the modern deities and it brings me so much happiness seeing them wear and enjoy my designs. Gaia is packed with details and one of my most time-consuming lines to make. Pleated ruffles, two different sizes of rings and silk ribbon lace-ups with suspender clips make it a really enjoyable line with endless possibilities for styling. Being the only lingerie designer in Tartu and one of a very few in Estonia, you social media deities have made me feel apart of a global community and it really means a lot! So, the Gaia is dedicated to you, my Instagram muses :)

Another piece of the collection that I put a lot of hygge emotion into is the Nyx Silk Jumpsuit. It is about creating your own reality to escape to for rest and recharging: the hood is lined with silk and the ruffled edge is designed to cover your eyes should you need a little break. This Jumpsuit has a lot of room for movement and lounging, there are pockets and a soft elastic waistband.  The decolletage closes with a bow and you can choose how open or closed you'd like it depending on the mood. It is my ultimate loungewear piece styled with the Eos Long Silk Kimono for cooler nights. 

For an even more ethereal mood I collaborated with the super talented Maria Leonidov on the Dreamy Tigers pattern. I asked for tigers snacking on strawberries between fuchsia blossoms and she really delivered. The next Chinese zodiac year will be the year of the Tiger, so the Dreamy Tigers pattern is the perfect way to prepare for that: rest like the tiger queens in the savannah before you roar again in the spring!

Creating my own lovely corner of the world has become a really important way of adjusting to the new human experience. Just like the Dreamy Tigers in the pattern, I'm planning to spend this winter in a real cosy, silky, hygge way and I hope you'll get to enjoy your's just the way you like! 

Shop the collection here!

Much love!

P. S. Happy spring, you lovely humans and loyal customers on the southern hemisphere!


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